A First Look at upcoming UK trio Hawk House

Hawk House is a London based trip-hop and soul trio that has been absolutely lighting up the UK rap scene (tip o’ the tam to LeftO for putting us up). The seamless blend of minimalist production (handled by Eric Lau) and Fugees-esque squad formation (two dope boyz on the mic and one tough lass who can sing her arse off) add up to the sum of a product that shines all on its own terms. Specifically, the group comprises two low-key but powerful MCs in Sam and Eman, and one fluttering vocalist in Demae. “Round We Go” and A Little More Elbow Room (the mixtape what bore it) are laden with the type of sample-heavy, sloppy (in a good way) drums and supper-subby bass licks that allude to serious influence by the one and only J Dilla. But there’s so much more happening on this tape that can only be attributed to the group itself. Absorb their track “Round We Go” and the official video for “Tidal Tendencies” (from this past spring) below and keep your eyes and ears open for  more from this ill trio; dollars to pounds one of the most interesting things to happen to UK rap since Estelle. Well, technically, three of the most interesting things.


  • Putuma Patrice Gqamana

    Dope ! I was waiting so bad for the lady to bust a rhyme.

  • Pb

    Praise The Lord. 😉

  • create.heal.share

    i watched this video smiling. i reminisce on
    Digable Planets. i watched, anxiously waiting for the sista to spit her
    bars. Awe snap, my excitement mounts, another female emcee. i was
    excited. and then it was her turn to arrive… She sings, not spits. I
    must admit, i was disappointed. Nonetheless, i like their vibe.

  • Desmond George

    download the mixtape. She rhymes tight…

    • ideep13


    • ideep13

      ok, i got it

    • Desmond George

      cool I was just uploading it for you

  • tahmidurahman

    listen to pause by them, she spits on that

  • ax1om