Go Inside The Roots - '&TYSYC' launch live at The Public Theater

OKP TV Goes Inside The Roots - 'and then you shoot your cousin' Launch Live At The Public Theater

The Roots launch '...and then you shoot your cousin' live at the Public Theater (video)

You already knew that The Roots’ launch of their new album …and then you shoot your cousin (in stores today!), which went down at Public Theater in downtown Manhattan one week ago today was something rather unique. ‘Listening session’ doesn’t cut it. ‘Concert’ doesn’t even begin to do the thing justice. Our best attempt at categorization was a “happening” or “post-modern cabaret.” Questlove describes it as “our first opera.” Whatever it was, it was a night to remember. Balloon animals got dropped. Guitars were shredded.┬áMinds got blown. Flex was kinged. Poetry was a part of it.

Rather than try to describe the singularity of the event verbally (I gave it a pretty serious attempt over here) it might be easier to give you a visual analogue. Luckily for tongue-tied journalists and those who could not get a ticket, a videoframe is worth 1500 words. In a stroke of double-luck The Roots’ granted Okayplayer TV’s cameras incredible access to the artistic 2-night stand, including rehearsals, backstage interviews with the band and live performance footage of the show’s ‘oh-shit’ moments, notably Capn Kirk‘s incredible live rendition of “Maggotbrain”; Jay Donn‘s brilliant dancing; Jeremy Ellis‘ virtuoso MPC-tapping and of course the now-infamous balloon drop. Everyone has their own interpretation but we think it means that The Roots might blow up with the release of their new LP–but if they do their shit will still go POP-POP-POP-POP. Watch below to be a part of the moment and hit the link to cop …and then you shoot your cousin today.

>>>Buy the album now (via Def Jam)

Producer: Allison Swank
Videographers: Kellen Dengler, Riley Dengler + Jake Remington
Editor: Riley Dengler


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