?uestlove and D’Angelo made history at Bonnaroo 2012 with a funked up super jam that took the crowd by the throat and baptized them in the cosmic slop. The Roots‘ band members combined with Soultronics and Prince vets to form a superband featuring Pino Palladino, Eric Leeds, Jesse Johnson, Captain Kirk Douglas, James Poyser, Frank Knuckles and Kendra Foster. Bonnaroo365 takes you behind the scenes to reveal what it takes to make this kind of groundbreaking once-in-a-lifetime moment of musical overload occur – from New York City to Nashville in a matter of minutes. With this performance D’Angelo made his return to the stage after a 12-year hiatus to takeover the 2012 festival with an obnoxious wig-snatching set featuring “My Summertime Thang” that funks like he never left. The performance was the third super jam experience for ?uestlove, who had taken on the challenge twice before – once with Herbie Hancock and Pino Palladino, the second time with Ben Harper and John Paul Jones. This jam could potentially go down in history as one of the closest things to soul music nirvana since Wattstax, and this is just what happened last summer. With D’s long-awaited third album rumored to be on it’s way, you would be stone cold crazy to think they won’t try to top this – especially if ?uesto has anything to do with it. A word to the wise. Be ready for Bonnaroo 2013.


  • MuZo

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeah just release the whole doco already, or better yet, his new album lol so happy he’s back, I’ve been dreaming of this moment since 2007 when I first heard his music!

  • michael brown

    thank you. i don’t know what else i can say. amazeballs.



  • baxtos

    Man…. What to say?

    Well, first this jam is amazing! I never cared too much for that song but damn it is played with such fever and amazing musicanship that it’s just sent to whole other level. I guess D could turn any song into a torrid feverish hypno affair.

    Then there’s the obvious friendship between D and ?love. I don’t really know or want to know much about D’s lost years but clearly ?love has had a big part in putting an end to that “retirement”. His love, respect and admiration for D and D’s music clearly shines through and it is very touching to watch.

    Finally there’s the Prince material. D doesn’t seem anymore embarassed to show his love for the man’s catalog. And with the taking of Eric Leeds unique sax sound he manages to perfectly recreate the magic vintage of the purple 86/87 era. No small feat!!!

    And then there’s Jesse Johnson! With a long face. A face like “Man, I finally escaped the purple one’s shadow and the first thing they’re havin me play is a Prince song”??? 😉

    • Bax, I thought the same thing about Jesse….He needs to revitalize his solo career.