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Phonte of Foreign Exchange, Little Brother

Today, you may have noticed, is Valentine’s Day. It’s also Friday, which means a) it’s going down and b) you’re going to need to lay down a much longer Valentine’s Day playlist of romantic jams than usual to carry you through this love and lust filled weekend. Accordingly we started to brainstorm a list of our favorite Awesomely Bad Hip-Hop love songs in last week’s Okayplayer editorial meeting–and quickly realized we should just take our concept to the master–the Chazz Reinhold, if you will, of collecting Awesomely Bad Hip-Hop Love Songs. That would be one Phonte of Foreign Exchange and Little Brother fame (hell, of Okayplayer fame, as far as that goes). In case the brother’s immaculate rhyme styles don’t immediately recommend him to you as the curator of this list, please recall that as 1/2 of the team that brought you Zo! & Tigallo Love The 80s Tigallo The Tay God knows his way around a damn love song. Nuff said. Light some incense. Reserve one of those sexy little tables in the back. Get your erotic artifacts n’ shit in order. Open up the chili sauce–and click through to experience Phonte’s Top 10 Awesomely Bad Hip-hop Love Songs For Valentine’s Day. Then go cop The Foreign Exchange’s brilliant Love In Flying Colors and Zo!’s Manmade (both in stores now) and find out where to catch them on tour here– ed.

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  • Edward Garcia

    YEAH BOBCAT hahaha

  • I disagree on this one. This has the 90s all over it!

  • thegreatone773

    I remember I thought “I Need You” was the bomb for an afternoon. I played it for my sister and she was on the floor rolling. LMAO!!!! Hilarious & terrible.

  • The Big Daddy Kane track made me laugh for a long while; my ears bled when the chorus arrived.

    Meanwhile, the LL Cool J track sounds like I Need Love: Part 2 (The Apocalypse Remix). What’s with the ostentatious sci-fi background production and LL shouting with psychotic desperation?

  • brookes stephens

    the Brand Nubian song sounds like it shoulda been on a soundtrack for an early 90’s movie like House Party, Mo’ Money, or Boomerang etc…

  • TheKid

    Can’t believe he said he’d rather hear T.J. Swan singing than Kane lol!

  • Merkaba Shaman

    am sorry but I can’t breath!!!!!!! Am fading quick!! this track put me on my back laughing. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppp! deadline

  • Alpheous MortLe

    That Willi – D joint is Hil – arious!! I’m from Texas…We jammed that!! haha

  • mo toons

    I’m not clickin/loading through 10 pages, no matter how good your content is. #dobetter