Phonte Median Charity Starts At Home

New Tigallo, New Tigallo, New Tigallo – I’ll never get tired of saying that. More than just words, Phonte comes through with a brand new video off of Charity Starts At Home, today. Watch ‘Tay and Median push their product door to door in the flyest of fits with their new vid for “Eternally” (9th Wonder on the beat.. and on the lawn). Video directed by Kenneth Price. If you somehow haven’t already copped, go get Charity Starts At Home via iTunes or Amazon.


  • This is chill.
    Check out how the hi-hats are programmed……dope
    NC (336)

  • You Can’t Be Serious

    Phonte & Median did their thing as usual. Also, as usual, 9th Wonder is insanely overrated. No hate, his beats are just endless loops… basic. Big shout to Phonte, though-straight skills!

  • rickyrose

    the perfect duo!!! Always felt Median’s delivery

  • I like 9th Wonder’s voice but the beats, the loops,,, I feel like I’ve heard this song before

  • Marko-v

    It can become redundant after a while however when you got 2 Chainz and such (no disrespect) just the saturation of trap, club music – this is a welcome sound


  • Greg

    i agree with the comments someone finally agrees 9th is mad overatted hes good but some people put him up there with the likes of dj premier wtf?

  • sstretch

    good joint right here, that PHONTE album was hot.

    check out the beats at http://www.soundcloud.com/sstretch68323

  • Daphanie

    Luv this!!

  • comPLX

    When it comes to comedy and flows…Phonte got it. And
    (diss if you must)…9th IS up there with Preem…

  • Okayplayer is full of haters… This is dope.. end of story.