Nefertite Nguvu's Film 'In the Morning' is Now Available on Demand

Photo courtesy of Vimeo.

Director Nefertite Nguvu released her critically acclaimed, award-winning film In the Morning on a number of video on demand sites yesterday, including Amazon, Vimeo, Xfinity, and Streampix.

In the Morning, which stars Jacky Ido, De’Adre AzizaEmayatzy Corinealdi and JoNell Kennedy, takes place in the span of one day and tells the story of nine New Yorkers who gather to say goodbye to a friend who is leaving the country. This is the springboard to telling a story about romance, fidelity, life and love.

For Nguvu, it was important telling a story like this: a simple, yet complex one that rarely gets told with the nuance it deserves:

“One of the things that motivated me to make In the Morning was a desire to explore intimacy and vulnerability.  I don’t think there are enough films about Black life that explore those themes fully. Seeing ourselves in our vulnerable and intimate spaces is life-affirming and matters tremendously.”

Nguve goes on to say:

In the Morning is my love letter to women: beautiful, smart, elegant, vulnerable, sensitive, complex, Black women who don’t often get to see themselves in movies.  If that speaks to you then let’s use our collective voice to bring about that which we want to see.  I hope you’ll stand with us, by experiencing In the Morning and joining our #LovingWhileBlack conversation online.”

It’s been a long a journey for Nefertite Nguvu and In the Morning. The movie is fully independent and was partially funded by two successful Kickstarters years ago. It made its premiere at the 2014 Urban World Film Festival in New York City, where it won the Audience Award for Best Feature Film.

And now, it can be watched and viewed by anyone at anytime. Check out an exclusive trailer for the film below.


In The Morning Trailer 2 from Nefertite Nguvu on Vimeo.