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Okayfuture Video: Burial "Loner" + Kindred [EP Stream]

In the world of Okayfuture shit, Burial released a new EP called Kindred yesterday through Hyperdub records which can be streamed on the label site (link below) and then followed up today with a tweak-a-delic video for the track “Loner” (perhaps a subliminal anti-Valentine’s statement?). I posted his collaboration with 90s legends Massive Attack a bit ago but if you’re not otherwise familiar, Burial is one of the cats who made it cool for people who are not pasty British nerds (ie pasty American music writers) to like dubstep. He did that by putting his own ethereal–even ghostly–spin on the genre and has continued to go in his own direction to the point I’m not sure his music can be called dubstep any more. Exhibit A: the layered white noise and distant, repetitive synths of “Loner” which does not really fit in any category, except, obviously, ‘electronic.’ Watch above, although the visuals may make you want to change your prescription AND I DON’T MEAN EYEGLASSES.

>>>Stream Kindred (via Hyperdub)

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