Nas & Large Professor pose for Mass Appeal 18

Nasty NaS went Nasir P. Jones (extra P, get it?) on the crowd at Rock The Bells the other night, bringing out his original mentor and rap ‘s most versatile all-rounder Large Professor out to share the stage for “Loco-Motive” the Large Pro contribution to his current LP Life Is Good. Couldn’t really ask for a better venue to mash out with this song–which may in fact have been specifically made with the crowd at RTB in mind. This is just one of many historic RTB highlights that need to be seen–videos flying every whichawhere–so rather than try to make them fit into one fantasy concert post, I’m just gonna start lobbin’ em out there like rap-grenades. Get ready.


  • Da GOAT Can Do No Wrong!!

  • cla

    The track is one of the highlights. But honestly, it’s kind of a let down that LP doesn’t rap nor produces the beat. I’m always happier to find and be surprised in the liner notes these cameo appearances rather than see the song title listed as “featuring”. It’s like Busta on Oh my god, Q-tip on let’s organize.

  • KD06

    Great jam Nas keep fumbling though… Got to go in sober next time…

  • Mita B

    I was lucky enough to get a free ticket to the show last weekend, I went hard for Nas…my footage was terrible but the experience unlike no other.