In one of the best interviews we’ve heard NaS give on the Life Is Good circuit so far, BBC Radio 1‘s Benji B asks Nasir to break down some of his LP-cuts, his Amy Winehouse-connect, and also (at around the 23-minute mark) brings up the subject of a Jay Electronica-collab, to which NaS interestingly responds as follows:

I wanted to get him to do the entire Untitled album, the N-word album. He had ideas. He was pulling records from J Dilla… He was pulling records and he was there with me while I was working on it. And he did the first record on there and it would’ve been so ahead of its time because he wasn’t signed and he wasn’t out there like that. So it would’ve been great right now to go back and say yo this dude produced my whole album years ago. That would’ve been cool and he’s ahead of his time like that.


  • Jericho Drumm

    Wow; it’s a shame that he was unaware of Dilla. It would have been an incredible collaboration.

  • @zubrainz on twitter

    lol how the fuck Nas aint gonna know who DIlla was? what that nigga live under a rock o? lol But life is good is a classic…

  • sstretch

    If NAS was going to do a callabo album with JAY ELECTRONICA, it probably wouldn’t have come out anyways.

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