Nas (and Aaron Hall of Guy" in the video for "Bye Baby"

Yup Nas‘ “Bye Baby”–easily the grown-man rap  of the year (and arguably the divorce real-talk rap of, well, forever)–now has it’s much-anticipated video, featuring a cameo from Kelis…sssss’s green dress (ah, made you look). On the other hand, do mine eyes deceive me or is that Aaron Hall of the one and only Guy reprising his hook from “Goodbye Love” ?? I think it is. Not quite as crazy as securing a Super Cat cameo for “The Don” would’ve been, but fairy tales don’t always come true, I guess. Still an extremely classy touch and extremely classy vid from director Aristotle (full credits after the jump). Watch below and cop Life Is Good on iTunes now. For real, buy it.

Visualized by | Aristotle
DP | Aaron Platt
Editor | Rex Lowry
Producers | Garen. x Brook McDaniel
Presented by | Def Jam Records
A By Any Means production.

spotted at HHNM



  • An

    Love the reference back to “GoodBye Love” by Aaron Hall!!!

  • Enjoyed this song, but preferred roses on the deluxe album over it. It just felt more heart felt.

  • Simple yet effective video. I agree with Jrevel on “Roses”, but “Bye Baby” is still a gem. Well done Nas. #LifeIsGood

  • bruceblaq

    gonna go cop the wax

  • Wacky

    Jay-Z + Nas Album – 2013 – Grown Man Rap

    Gotta do it.

  • sstretch

    LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    check out the beats at http://www.soundcloud.com/sstretch68323