Watch Part 2 Of Noisey's 'Bompton' Mini-Doc

LA Rappers Find Salvation In The Studio In Part 2 Of Noisey's 'Bompton' Mini-Doc

by zo
2 years ago

LA Rappers Find Salvation In The Studio In Part 2 Of Noisey's 'Bompton' Mini-Doc

Yesterday, Noisey pulled the veil off of its incredibly sharp Bompton mini-doc, touring the infamous south-central city of Compton with Kendrick Lamar and his hometown crew guiding the way. Part 1 brought us deep into the Kendrick’s Compton through his very own lens, sitting in a friend’s backyard and reflecting on the learned lessons and familiar faces of his upbringing, even following one of his closest friends, Lil L, through his old stomping grounds to reflect on a life lived through Compton’s gang culture, as well as that culture’s effect on the community and educational institutions, where the symptoms are more than apparent.

Today, they’ve released part two of the doc, zooming in on Lil L’s life after a stint in county jail, where he reformed his ways and found new purpose. The narrative is one that echoes some of the themes of Kendrick’s lyrics, where a studio can be the one and only safe haven for a child of the street, shielding them from the coarse edges of their surroundings. Clocking in at just over 7-minutes, it’s short, but potent moment that captures a Lil L in his comeback, even sitting with his grandmother to learn of the city’s embattled past, dating back to the Watts riots and the incident that incited it. Watch part 2 of Noisey’s Bompton doc below and hold tight for the next episode.

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