Jay-Z live at Obama Rally

If you missed yesterday’s live stream of Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen (the other boss) coming out to warm up for President Obama at rallys in Ohio and Iowa, you can catch the highlight of the day from the Carter Administration, an adaptation of “99 Problems” into a pro-Obama rallying cry of “I Got 99 Problems But Mitt Ain’t One.” Watch below and if you needed us to say it out loud, this is Okayplayer’s official endorsement of Barack Obama for President. To paraphrase another G.O.O.D. man: 4 more years up in the Black House!


  • Toni Loke

    I don’t give a shit to Jay-Z’s opinion… when you see the shit he brought and still brings on MTV, he should better look for himself!!! RIH…

    • Obama#awesome

      you r just a loser suck it up election are over Obama won

    • Obama#awesome

      Oh and if all you can do is cuss u have poor vocabulary.