DJ House Shoes, holding the Lalo Shifrin record sampled on J Dilla's "The Light" Remix

In the latest Bling47 Breaks series, House Shoes breaks down the record that J Dilla chopped and filtered on “The Light” remix, Common and Erykah Badu’s joint contribution to the Bamboozled soundtrack. The source material is Lalo Shifrin‘s “Memory Of Love” on the unassuming-looking No One Is Home LP (as Shoes correctly points out “Lalo Shifrin got some shit, but this looks the one you DON’T want” and te beat that resulted is a throwback to the sound that put Dilla on the map with his work for Pharcyde, Keith Murray and even Crustacean. Nit surprising perhaps, as Shoes reveals that Dilla had the beat on tape for a good 5 years before Bamboozled hit the big screen in 2000. Watch below for more nuggets and of course, audible inspiration.

props to B47


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