Elvis Costello x Questlove on NPR World Cafe

Elvis Costello x Questlove On NPR's World Cafe

Elvis Costello x Questlove of The Roots - Wise Up Ghost

Elvis Costello and this guy Questlove sat down with NPR to talk about the Elvis x The Roots collaboration that grew out of his appearances on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, in between a few songs from Wise Up Ghost, the Blue Note album that resulted from it. There are also some live gems on here, venturing into the Roots-ified reinterpretations of Elvis’ solo catalog that were highlights of the super-group’s one live show (cf.”I Want You” here). It being NPR and everything, Questo and Elvis get kind of heady with it, parsing the syntax of their musical conversations very closely, as well as the philosophical underpinnings of the whole undertaking. Advanced nerd-ery for advanced music nerds only—everybody else, probably just fastforward to the musical highlights–including some of those live tracks that–to my knowledge–can’t be heard anywhere else. Scroll down for the set-list and hit the link to stream via NPR (or just purchase Wise Up Ghost here).

>>>Stream Elvis Costello x Questlove on World Cafe (via NPR)

“Stick Out Your Tongue”
“Walk Us Uptown”
“Wake Me Up”

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