DPat x Sango & Isles - “Above Us” + 'In Bloom' LP Stream

Dpat x Sango & Isles - “Above Us” + 'In Bloom' LP Stream


Dpat delivers “Above Us” featuring Sango and Isles from his highly anticipated release In Bloom, which dropped on August 27th via Soulection. The track plays with an ethereal air buoyed by Isles’ melting saccharine vocal and the subtle punch of Sango’s bassline. The latest release follows the Blurry EP, which relied more heavily upon sample-based production than the latest project, which employs a good amount of live instrumentation. He discussed the project ahead of its release:

“The album atmosphere is dark, contemplative, enigmatic and embodies a nocturnal vibe”

Check the track below to listen to “Above Us” from Dpat featuring Sango and Isles. Scroll down to the stream Dpat’s In Bloom LP.

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