DJ Prince Paul x DJ P. Forreal - 'Like Father, Like Son' (Father's Day Mixtape)

Prince Paul and his next of kin DJ P. Forreal drop their Like Father, Like Son tape to bump for Sunday’s cookout, blending true-school and new school gems into one generational clash of a mix for the latest edition of the Cornerstone mixtape series. Stringing together cuts from contemporary kings like Drake, Schoolboy Q and Earl Sweatshirt with their patriarchs (KRS, Nas, GZA and so many more) the blood-linked tandem hook you and Pops up with the perfect Daddy’s Day gift; none other than a non-skip, battle-free playlist with for y’all to step to. Put one up for Pops with the kindred tape Like Father, Like Son and let the “in my day” discourse fall to the side.

—>>>Stream Like Father, Like Son