Dead Prez

dead prez continue to promote positive vibes on a new track, “No Way As The Way,” which can be heard on the deluxe edition of the duo’s most recent release, Information Age. M1 and stic.man have dropped a Danny Hastings-directed video for the song which shows footage of them rapping as well as people engaging in various religious practices. Stic gave Complex some background information on the song:

“The song ‘No Way As The Way,’ that title comes from my martial arts practices. Jeet Kune Do is one of the arts that I’ve had the chance to practice. Jeet Kune Do was created by Bruce Lee. It’s an approach to martial arts that says that having no way as the way, is the way. To make it simple: not being locked into any particular way as the only way to get something done, in terms of your fighting…When we decided to write a song on Information Age about spirituality and religion, it was so fitting.”

Be sure to check out the posse-cut remix to “Time Travel” featuring Bun B Reek Da Villain and purchase Information Age Deluxe Edition via iTunes.




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  • m.hunter

    I LOVE this video. Really appreciate the differences yet the unity of religions as well as the true use of religion itself. This made me feel good. This should be on TV. Thanx, deadprez. This was needed.