I have to admit I’m not too familiar with Cookbook, but I’ll listen to any project over Blu‘s beats (yeah, I’m a fanboy, sue me). Anyway, fortunately we’re blessed with more than just Blu’s ever-improving soulful production, but Cookbook surely holds his own on the mic throughout all eight tracks, as well. Along for the journey on Yes are Pigeon John, Frank Nitt, and Playdough. You can listen to the full project, below. Look for a video for track #3, “Soul Baby,” to drop soon (for now, cop Yes on iTunes).


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  • Daryl

    nice rip of the band’s Yes logo

  • brainqueef

    yes this shit is so dope. hearing it for the firs time and glad pj is still rocking the mic. not just that but also elevating his style in such a nice way. this album is dope.