Bilal - "Slippin' Away" Live In Paris, shot by Mikael Colombu

Bilal - "Slippin' Away" Live In Paris [shot by Mikael Colombu]

Bilal - "Slipping Away" live in paris (shot by Mikael Colombu)

Okayplayers know Bilal is pretty much the illest live–if the zone is right he will pull out all stops and hit all notes within the human sonic and/or emotional range. So a 10-minute plus plus version of his song “Slipping Away” (that’s off the new joint A Love Surreal) performed live in Paris is pretty much an automatic post, even it was shot on a crappy cameraphone. If said fan video happens to come–not from any ordinary Bilal stan–but from animator/video director extraordinaire Mikael Colombu (see The Weeknd‘s “The Knowing“, Bilal’s “Hazeem” (Remix) and Cee Lo‘s “Bodies” among others) then the must-post quotient goes up to infinity +1. That is indeed the case here and instead of the usual video fuzztones we get to enjoy this epic performance through Colombu’s eyes, so to speak; a cat who not only knows how to frame a damn shot but also knows well the peaks and side-alleys of Bilal’s catalogue as one of the most avid chroniclers of his work (see Colombu vids of “Robots” live in Belgium and “Think It Over” performed live at this very same Paris venue La Bellevilloise for past examples). Hit play below and enjoy:

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