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Audio: The Best of Frank Ocean Collection [Mixtape]

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But Frank Ocean only has one tape out, you say? Fall back, son. With all the material that’s been surfacing lately, and with the release of his official debut LP channel ORANGE drawing nearer (July 17) we’re happy that someone found the time to compile all those appetizers into one nice, iTune-able bite (or rather 90 megabytes). His fansite assembled this collection of 23 tunes –with not a single one of them being from nostalgia, ULTRA –and uploaded the whole thing as The Best of Frank Ocean Collection. Apparently this joint isn’t on it though and neither is this. Download below and hit the jump for the tracklist and a few words from the curators themselves.


That’s why today we bring you “The Best of Frank Collection”, a compilation of 24 tracks that includes all the music you need to listen to before channel ORANGE drops. The collection includes music released by Frank himself, unreleased songs that have surfaced online (some old, some new) and finally, four recordings of live performances of new music thats likely to be heard on his forthcoming debut.

The Best of Frank Ocean Collection Tracklist:

1 – Inspiration (Intro)
2 – 4 Tears
3 – Whip Appeal
4 – Thinkin About You*
5 – Acura Integurl
6 – Voodoo
7 – White*
8 – Made In America (Snippet)*
9 – Oldie (Snippet)*
10 – She (Snippet)*
11 – Back
12 – Dreamkilla
13 – Try
14 – Dying For Your Love
15 – Rocket Love
16 – If I’m In Love
17 – Got The Keys
18 – Hardest Thing
19 – Channel Orange in Stores July 17 (Outro)
20 – Disillusioned (Live)
21 – Forrest Gump (Live)
22 – Super Rich Kids (Live)
23 – Miss You (Live Cover)

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