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Check Out the Official Phony Ppl and Megan Thee Stallion Collaboration, "Fkn Around"

The Brooklyn band premiered the track during Megan's NPR Tiny Desk performance.

On Friday, Phony Ppl and Megan thee Stallion officially released their track "Fkn Around." If the song sounds familiar, you may recognize it from when they previewed the track in late October during Megan's NPR Tiny Desk performance.

Megan takes the lead on the bluesy track, teasing fans and media alike, desperate to know about her love life. As usual, Aja Grant is on the keyboard, Elijah Rawk is on the guitar, and Matt Byas handles the drums. The song is the product of a session at Retro City Studios in Philadelphia. The band took a chance and reached out to Megan, and the rest is history. Watch the live performance of "Fkn Around" here, on NPR's official YouTube channel.

The band's leading vocalist Elbee Thrie discussed the collaboration with NPR's Sidney Madden. "We have some overlapping people on our teams," he said. Both Megan thee Stallion and Phony Ppl have deals with 300 Entertainment.

"One of them brought the song to her with a disclaimer," Elbee told Madden. "'I know you don't usually do this.' But she gave it an organic listen and was feeling it. And with the topic being what it was, having a woman on the song who could pen a great verse was what she wanted. And that's exactly what she did."

"Fkn Around" is currently available on all major streaming platforms. Phony Ppl is set to perform at Webster Hall Friday, February 7.