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Kelvyn Colt
Photo Credit: Hamish Stephenson

Kelvyn Colt Dares and Defies in New Video 'Just Watch Me' [PREMIERE]

4 by hamish stephenson Photo Credit: Hamish Stephenson

Kelyvn Colt dares you to "just watch him."

Kelyvn Colt, the rising half Nigerian, half German rapper hailing from the UK just released his latest visual for "Just Watch Me."

The artist is making waves in both the fashion and the music industry, having garnered attention for his style and husky vocals displayed on the recent COLORS session that featured his track "Burry Me Alive."

The video, directed by Hamish Stephenson with cinematography by Joel HoneywellHis shows Colt, shows Colt surrounded and followed by cameras, offering commentary on modern-day surveillance and invasion of privacy.

"Just Watch Me" is Colt's latest single ahead of his forthcoming EP, MIND OF COLT PT. I slated for release later this year. The track appeared in a commercial during the World Cup earlier this summer. As for right now, he's been working on more new music and has been collaborating in the studio with 070Shake, who appeared on Kanye West's latest album Ye, and other.

"I love the phrase ‘just watch me,' which is a motto Margret Casely-Hayford brought on to my horizon," Colt told Okayplayer. "I’m more about action than talking. So, whenever people doubt me I don’t try to convince them with words but by proving them wrong when I deliver results."

Just watch "Just Watch Me" below: