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Hip-Hop Fans are Trying to Figure Out What’s Going on with This Batshit Crazy Freestyle

Hip-Hop Fans are Trying to Figure Out What’s Going on with This Batshit Crazy Freestyle

Stockton, California Rapper Haiti Babii Goes Viral With Bizarre Radio Freestyle
Source: Real 92.3 LA

You have never seen a freestyle like this.

A rapper from Stockton, California named Haiti Babii appeared on Bootleg Kev and DJ Hed’s radio show on Real 92.3 in Los Angeles. The rapper, who was there to promote his Warrior mixtape, kicked a freestyle. It was one of the most bizarre freestyles you’ll ever see.

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The freestyle was uploaded on YouTube on May 2nd. But started going viral over the weekend with a tweet from @Alyricz.

The video features Haiti Babii kicking a freestyle that’s one-third Mystikal, one third Young Thug, one third ???? It’s really hard to explain. Haiti Babii yelps, squeals, changes his voice at various moments in the freestyle.

Haiti Babii explained the performance by saying:

When I hear a beat I just kick into it. I don’t write nothing. I want to keep it authentic and original, all over the place so people can learn to keep your mind free. Free your thought.

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The freestyle was so shocking, it left both DJs lost for words. At one point, there’s a great shot of DJ Hed’s reaction (which you can see above.) There was also a bewildered reaction on Twitter:

Watch the freestyle below. What are your thoughts?



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