The Round-Up: Best Songs of The Week ft. Frank Ocean, J Dilla, Nas and More [Playlist]
The Round-Up: Best Songs of The Week ft. Frank Ocean, J Dilla, Nas and More [Playlist]

Frank Ocean's New Visual Album 'Endless' Is Now Available On Apple Music

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Update: The visual album Endless that we are all currently enjoying is in fact not Boys Don't Cry with a different name, Rolling Stone has reported that it will drop this weekend. Also, the name Boys Don't Cry seems to have been scrapped for another title in news that is reminiscent of Kanye West's The Life of Pablo many name changes. Remember the post on Frank's website with the following:

“I got two versions. I got twoooo versions.”

Yup. It all makes so, so much sense now. It'd be crazy and amazing to have two new Frank Ocean projects a few days apart.

But with Frank Ocean, who knows.


Oh, Frank Ocean. I thought thou had forsaken us. I honestly gave up all hope. I, understandably, grew cynical. I became convinced that Frank Ocean was a figment of my imagination. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep. Which is to say, lots of emotions right now, especially after having our collective feelings toyed with for so long. August 5th. Midnight came, and passed. The days came and went. Weeks. What has felt like decades dragged on. We all thought the worst. We held our breaths. From cryptic messages, pictures of overdue library cards, to a video stream of young Frank constructing what looked like speakers over ambient music, to the comic relief that memes provided (thanks y'all), to Calvin Klein advertisements, to news that the warehouse where the stream was taking place was in Brooklyn and renting for $3,200 a day, to re-listening to Ocean's debut studio album Channel Orange over and over again, then going back to Nostalgia, Ultra, and then even further back to that Lonny Breaux joint, and then back to Channel Orange again. We even made a list of theories speculating as to what Frank was doing with all that construction equipment. And then tonight, unexpectedly, Frank showed up on the live stream again, continuing to build, but with music, punctuated by the sound of drilling, streaming. The album.

We have collectively talked about, argued about, had panic attacks, and cried about the arrival of this album for so, so long. Wow. I'd never thought i'd be typing these words, but it is with the utmost joy, and exhaustion, that I announce that the clouds have separated, the rain has ceased, the drought has ended, bringing forth the mythical new Frank Ocean (visual) album. The visual album is entitled Endless, not Boys Don't Cry, which will apparently be released later this week. But to be honest, I don't really trust it. All that matters is that we at least have this. No word on when the audio only version of Endless will be available. It's perhaps not what we thought it would be but I will for sure take it. Let's see if the project can live up to the crazy amounts of hype that have built up over the last few years but my guess is, from a quick first listen, that it's going to be amazing. Don't disappoint us Frank, not after all that. I'm not sure we have it in us. But, of course, there is only one way to truly find out.

>>>Click Here To Peep Frank Ocean's Appropriately Titled New Visual Album Endless Via Apple Music.

Endless Tracklist:

1 Device Control

2 At Your Best (You Are Love) (Isley Brothers cover)

3 Alabama

4 Mine

5 U-N-I-T-Y

6 Ambience 001: “In a Certain Way”

7 Commes Des Garcons

8 Ambience 002: “Honeybaby”

9 Wither

10 Hublots

11 In Here Somewhere

12 Slide on Me

13 Sideways

14 Florida

15 Deathwish (ASR)

16 Rushes

17 Rushes To

18 Higgs

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