Frank Ocean Is Up To Something, But What The Hell Is It?

Frank Ocean Is Livestreaming...Something

Frank Ocean Is Either About To Drop Something Or Executing The Most Expert Troll Of The Year

So it’s August 1st. Frank Ocean‘s new album was allegedly supposed to arrive by July’s end. You’re hurt, confused, realizing that at the top of that library card there is a “Nov. 13, 2016” stamp and the only thing that fully expresses the depths of your frustration is that damn Arthur meme. Maybe those “hyper-real” musings from his Calvin Klein spot were actually guidelines, ones that may even point to the fact that there is no new album, and that we’ve all been the victims of the most expert troll of a generation.

Late last night, anticipation for the album’s arrival only amplified with another cryptic update to his site; a livestream of a bare industrial warehouse, wide-angle, with nothing actually happening in it. According to The FADER that video is not a livestream, but a video project by Ocean collaborator, Francisco Soriano. In the hours since its initial unveiling, something has begun to take place in that video. That something appears to be nothing more than someone (honestly, it could be anyone) cutting wood with an industrial saw. There’s literally nothing else to go by here. But for Frank hopefuls, it’s something.

And in the time that it took me to write this, music has started to play in the video. Hit the link below to keep up. We may finally be on the verge of something new from Frank Ocean, after all.

>>>Tune into Frank Ocean’s livestream (via boysdontcry.co)

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