Watch Dave Chappelle Sing Drake, Impersonate Lil Wayne In New Comedy Specials

Watch Dave Chappelle Sing Drake, Impersonate Lil Wayne In New Comedy Specials

Watch Dave Chappelle Sing Drake, Impersonate Lil Wayne In Latest Comedy Specials

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This week came the release of two of Dave Chappelle‘s Netflix comedy specials (there are three in total), and some of the more notable moments from either special comes in the form of the comedian singing Drake (via a joke about Kevin Hart) and impersonating Lil Wayne.

For the former, Chappelle discusses taking his son to go see Hart perform live, and ultimately discovers just how much money the fellow comedian is making.

“Kevin is the first comedian that a Drake song could be about. Kevin could walk around his house and sing ‘All Me,’ and the whole song would still be true,” he jokes before singing the chorus of the track (and briefly doing Big Sean‘s introductory verse on the song).

For the latter, he imagines Lil Wayne as a special guest on an episode of CSI, where the rapper takes on the role of a lead detective. We won’t spoil the joke for you, but it is definitely in reference to one of Weezy’s many, many memorable lines he has offered throughout his career.

Chappelle recently made a guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where he discussed stand-up and the rumored $60 million he made off of his Netflix specials.

In regards to the latter the comedian said that he “learned from the first time,” referring to the time he left a $50 million offer from Comedy Central, and the news that followed after he declined that offer.

“I would rather people didn’t know, but I kind of don’t care,” Chappelle told Kimmel. From there the two then discussed why Chappelle does not like to have phones at his stand up shows.

“One, it became a thing where I walked onstage and I’d see a sea of cellphones so I knew that anything I said in the room I was saying to everybody whether they were in the room or not, which is not an empowering feeling as a comedian,” Chappelle said. “And the other thing is comedians need the element of surprise, so if someone sees a joke I’m doing before I get to their city then I got to do all new jokes. I couldn’t write fast enough.”

Check out the scenes of Chappelle impersonating Drake and Lil Wayne below (via Pitchfork).

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