NBA Twitter Reacts to The Craziest Trade Deadline in Years

NBA Twitter Reacts to The Craziest Trade Deadline in Years

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What just happened?

The NBA version of the Red Wedding occurred on Thursday, just hours before the 3:00 PM trade deadline.

The LeBron James-led Cleveland Cavaliers — who have been horrible this year — traded six players and a first-round pick, completely remaking their roster in the process. 

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The team made three separate trades in the span of about an hour.

The first deal was Isaiah Thomas, Channing Frye, and a first-round pick to the Los Angeles Lakers for Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance. ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski broke the news on his Twitter feed, beating out rival reporter Shams Charania:

The second trade was a three-teamer, with the Cavs picking up Rodney Hood and George Hill:

In the third and final deal, the Cavs sent Bron’s best friend Dwyane Wade back to the Miami Heat:

Have trouble keeping up? Here’s is a tweet from Bleacher Report’s Tom Haberstroh summarizing what happened:

LeBron James hasn’t said much throughout this time. However, he did find time to send a message to his best friend Wade on Instagram:

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It’s one of the most stunning trade deadline deals ever made. The Cleveland Cavaliers basically gutted their team to see if they could make one last playoff push.

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With all this deadline news happening, NBA Twitter, the best thing in sports right now, has been on fire. 

Here are some of the funniest reactions to the wildest NBA deadline we’ve seen in years:


Nothing beats NBA Twitter.

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