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NFL Running Back LeSean McCoy Accused Of Domestic Violence, Graphic Photo Released

NFL Running Back LeSean McCoy Accused Of Domestic Violence, Graphic Photo Released

LeSean McCoy Accused Of Domestic Violence, Denies Accusations

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Trigger Warning: Graphic images of domestic abuse are below

NFL star LeSean McCoy has been accused of beating his ex-girlfriend, Delicia Cordon. The accusation was made by a friend of Cordon, who posted a gruesome picture of Cordon’s battered face on her Instagram. The picture is a split: one side features a picture of Cordon taken yesterday, the other features a graphic pic taken this morning, according to Cordon’s friend. (Instagram posts from the last couple of days show the two are in London together.) 

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In the post, she accused the running back of not only beating Cordon but also of trying to assault his son. She also accused McCoy of beating his dog into it got “kidney failure.”

Here is the message she wrote:

@shadymccoy is THE DEVIL!!! YOU ARE AN ANIMAL!!!!!! We didn’t say anything about how you beat your dog “Henny” into kidney failure. Let’s not talk about all the times my best friend had to stop you from VICIOUSLY beating your son for small things like peeing in the bed. We kept quiet about your drug usage … all the ILLEGAL steroids and needles you were using, but we will not keep quiet about this!!!!!! I can’t believe you did this to my best friend!!!!! YOUR KARMA IS GOING TO BE SO REAL!!!!!! The world needs to know what type of animal you really are!!!!!!! This was just her yesterday on the left and now this morning this is her on the right!!!!

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After she posted the pic, McCoy responded on Instagram. He is denying the claims:

A post shared by Lesean Mccoy (@shadymccoy) on

McCoy plays for the Buffalo Bills. The team put out a short statement saying that they are looking into the situation. McCoy hasn’t been formally charged yet.

The image of Cordon is below. Again, warning, the image is graphic.

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