Spaceboi Fresh: The Life Support For Hip-Hop's Future

Spaceboi Fresh: The Life Support For Hip-Hop's Future

Spaceboi Fresh: The Life Support For Hip-Hop's Future

Source: Spaceboi Fresh

With so many new ways to create content, Spaceboi Fresh is bringing the culture of hip-hop live and direct to a new generation.

Many people say that hip-hop is a dying art form, but Gabriel Moore, MC and TV personality, is helping redefine the hip-hop culture. Moore, known as Spaceboi Fresh is bringing the culture of hip-hop to a new generation. Spaceboi Fresh, who has collaborated with Stream Music TV, is the official creator and host of The Black Box which showcases underground and mainstream artists. The show acts as the modern version of Yo! MTV Raps with a futuristic flair and it is gaining more momentum with each episode.

“The show is a movement. It allows us to reinvent the culture of hip-hop and expand its base to a wider audience,” says Spaceboi.

The Black Box airs Wednesday nights at 9:00 p.m. Central via Facebook Live and is trending among the masses. As an up-and-coming TV host and MC, Spaceboi has created a show that embodies the future of social TV and has reached over 10,000 live viewers in one night. Videos of the show have ranged from 10-25 thousand total views. Previous iconic hip-hop shows have slowly phased out, but Spaceboi’s show aims to preserve the true culture of hip-hop as he combines the vibe of old school hip-hop with the new.

As Spaceboi describes it, the show is the new age underground live TV platform for music. Times are changing and the development of technology has transformed the way the next generation consumes music and television. The Black Box Show officially premiered in January 2017 and was created to help fill a void of a piece of hip-hop culture that is missed. Hip-hop fans were accustomed to seeing music, but with the recent advancement of social media previous hip-hop music shows have died down. The Black Box Show allows music connoisseurs, fans, and artists to tune in live whether at home or on the go. The show is officially one of the first ever all live social media television shows signifying what the future of hip-hop could become.

On The Black Box Show, Spaceboi provides viewers and artists with a unique experience allowing them to directly engage. The show acts as a premier destination for live hip-hop experiences as it incorporates artists showcases, cyphers, and live music countdowns. In addition to hosting live interviews with mainstream artists, his show also provides an opportunity for the artists to showcase their music on a platform that enables them to connect to a new legion of fans.

As The Black Box continues to grow, it has gained the attention of many notable artists. Spaceboi’s show features a combination of sit down and onsite interviews with guest appearances and live footage of artists. Some of the guests that have appeared on his show include D.O.C, Paul Wall, Lil Boosie, 50 Cent, Erykah Badu, Dorrough, Master P, and Mike Jones.

Through The Black Box, Spaceboi also seeks to find and showcase underground artists. This intent is to help bridge the gap between mainstream and upcoming artists expanding hip-hop’s musical base. The Black Box features a segment called, “Beyond The Underground With Bay Bay” where the show’s official ambassador, DJ, rapper, and radio personality, Bay Bay is the host. Bay Bay takes viewers on an inside glimpse as he goes into different neighborhoods and talks with underground artists about the meaning behind their artistry. According to Bay Bay, Stream Music TV and Black Box are the biggest in the game.

“That’s the great thing about The Black Box, we’re giving upcoming artists more exposure while providing hip-hop listeners with new music,” says Spaceboi. “We’re reaching a group of great hip-hop artists that may often go unheard.”

The Black Box features select rising artists who audition for cyphers via Facebook videos. The show is currently hosting one of the first ever all live cypher competitions. The live viewers and social media followers vote for a winner each round. The final round of the cypher took place Nov. 8 and the winner receives an official spot at the upcoming Triple D Experience.

The impact of Spaceboi’s show provides a fresh and new outlook on the direction hip-hop is heading through social media. The Black Box preserves the old school feeling that hip-hop used to have and presents it in a modern way while showcasing more talent. The show is a movement that shifts hip-hop to the 21st century. No longer do fans have to be physically at a show to be a part of the show. It’s all happening live on social media.

Brionna Taylor is a Dallas-based writer whose work can be found at D Magazine, Global Rap Demand and The Dallas Morning News. Follow her (and us!) on Twitter @BrionnaT_

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