UPDATE: Donald Trump's Twitter was Deleted by Employee on Last Day of Work

Update: Donald Trump'sTwitter accountwas deleted by a customer service employeeon his or her's last day of work.

Twitter Govrmner made the announcementon their account.

See the original story below:

People thought that Twitter finally got President Donald Trump's poisonous twitter account out of here

Eleven minutes.

For eleven glorious, peaceful minutes President Donald Trump'sTwitter account vanished from the social media platform.

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For those brief couple of minutes, all felt good in the world, especially in Twitter-land, where Trump has been an overbearing presence:

And then it came back; and peace was gone. And Trump was back tweeting about what he just saw on Fox News:

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Apparently Twitter didn't finally banish the President's Twitter account for his abusive conduct. The Twitter account was deactivated due to "human error by a Twitter employee."

Here is the tweet that Twitter Government sent out:

Luckily, Twitter is is "taking steps to prevent this from happening again." Yay.