Dave Chappelle Says Donald Trump is "Like a Bad DJ at a Good Party"

Dave Chappelle to Colbert: I Never \u2018Wanted\u2019 to Give Trump a Chance Source: YouTube

Dave Chappelle is two dates into his legendary Radio City Hall residency, and we've heard almost nothing about his set.

And that's exactly how Chappelle likes it.

The comic has infamously banned any cell phone usage from his show. That's one of the things Chappelle talked about while appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night. (Chappelle on why he's banning phones: "I have a wide margin of error, and a lot of crazy things get said and done. It's an opportunity for an artist to really flex their muscle without the fear of repercussions of the overly sensitive." )

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In fact, during their conversation, which lasted about 13 minutes, Chappelle touched on a number of topical issues, from Chappelle's new physique to his status as the Krusty the Clown of the small Ohio town that he lives in.

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And then there's Trump.

We're all familiar with Chappelle's Saturday Night Live monologue just days after the election, where the comedian said that we should all give Trump "a chance." Chappelle has already apologized for that comment, but it seems like it's something he's still wrestling with.

When Colbert asked Chappelle about the monologue, the comedian said:

“It’s not like I wanted to give him a chance that night. You know, listen, man, in the last six months, I think we’re all getting an education about the presidency...He’s putting all this stuff on the forefront.”

But there was also an aura of optimism in the way Chappelle talked about Trump. He makes the very good point that Trump's presidency speaks to the strength of Barack Obama's presidency:

"This is how traction works. I think this speaks to how effective Obama’s presidency was...Donald Trump’s the other foot. Good foot, bad foot, good foot, bad foot...We’ll figure it out, we’ll work it out...He’s a polarizing dude. He’s like a bad DJ at a good party.”

Watch the entire interview below.

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