Thundercat And A Hannibal Buress Robot Square Up In A "Bass-Off"

Thundercat And A Hannibal Buress Robot Square Up In A "Bass-Off" On 'The Eric Andre Show'

Watch Thundercat Duke It Out w/ A Hannibal Buress Robot On 'The Eric Andre Show'

As one of the premier bassists in the game, Thundercat has lined up with the best of em. Recently we’ve seen him perform with the likes of P-Funk, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Michael McDonald and even John Mayer. All brilliant musicians, all distinctly human (except for Flea; no one’s really sure where that dude came from.)

But how does Cat stack up to the artificially-engineered chops of a Hannibal Buress robot? Predictably well, according to a new clip from this weekend’s installment of The Eric Andre Show, where late-night television’s first (?) “bass-off” took place. Cat shreds supreme, while robot Buress kinda just stands there (and Andre’s creepy pantless “father” interjects) but it’s a sure victory for the cosmic bass sage adorned in his hallmark wolf headdress thing. You can watch it down below, but for the full script, you’ll have to tune in this Sunday at midnight. You can also catch Eric Andre live and direct right here in NYC for a short four-night residency at Caroline’s.

When he’s not sizing up bass-toting robots, Thundercat’s hard at work on his new album, slated to arrive later this year. More on that soon.

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