Watch Stephen Colbert Skewer Kanye West’s Meeting With Trump

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Watch Stephen Colbert Skewer Kanye West's Meeting With Trump

“I heard these two are going to drop an album together. It’s called The Deportation of Pablo.”

Yesterday the world stood still as Kanye West entered Trump Tower to “discuss multicultural issues” with a real-life demon. The day was full of speculation. Hot-takes burned up the web. But if there’s one man we can trust to put it all into perspective, it’s one Stephen Colbert. During his opening monologue, Colbert used the internet-breaking moment to touch on the meeting, describing it as “the two most powerful American narcissists in the same room,” also joking that the two were discussing their collaborative album, The Deportation of Pablo.

Colbert goes on to discuss other topical news like the upcoming Star Wars: Rogue One film as well as Trump’s latest devastating cabinet pick, Rick Perry. Yes, this is the world we now live in. No, it doesn’t appear to be getting better any time soon. At least Colbert will help us crack a smile through it all. Watch as Stephen Colbert skewers Kanye West’s meeting with Donald Trump in last night’s opening monologue down below. Hope with us all that brighter days are ahead.

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