Vince Staples Reviews The New, "Non-Racist" Emojis with GQ - Okayplayer

Vince Staples Reviews The New, "Non-Racist" Emojis with GQ

Vince Staples

It looks like GQ is making this segment with Vince Staples a regular thing, very dope. In the latest edition of ‘Vince Staples Reviews Every F*cking Thing’, Vince reviews the new ‘Non-Racist Emojis.’ As usual, Staples doesn’t have shit to say about anything (his words), but they asked, so here it is. Staples runs through the supposedly more racially sensitive lineup of emojis with his steaming hot takes. We get reviews on the water gun, the handicap sign, the white dude with a turban on, and more.

I find all of this plenty entertaining, but it very much comes second to his main profession on the mic. If you’re in the NY or LA area head to his site for your chance to win tickets to his Prima Donna private screenings.

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