Video: Young Guru Speaks On Jay Electronica LP

Yes this is a post with the words Jay Electronica in the headline and no Jay Electronica music embedded anywhere in it--but let's be honest, right now a Jay Elec release date would be the sweetest music imaginable so, when Roc Nation insider Young Guru added his perspective, our ears perked up like "Rooby Racks?" The basic vibes is that the LP is incredible and it'll come out when it'll come out (He's like a magician. He appears when he wants to appear...and then he might disappear on you for a minute.") But it's still insightful to get the view from behind the mixing board, as when he compares working with Jay Elec to Dante Ross' A&R approach to Pete Rock ("kick back and smoke a L and just watch this dude work"). Watch above, close your eyes and dream big like Faith Evans.

spotted at HHNM