Video: Waajeed X Dilla "No" Breakdown + Rare J Dilla Footage

There's been a lot of talk about J Dilla's record collection altely, which makes this video breakdown of his beat for "No" seem all the more timely. Waajeed airs some unseen footage of Dilla digging in the crates at NYC's Sound Library on a record-shopping expedition with Jeedo and Q-Tip, circa 1999 (from Jeedo's personal video collection, apparently). For beatheads, images of Dilla selecting records is a little like a snapshot of Thelonius Monk noodling around on the piano--a behind the scenes glimpse of genius at work. Get Jeedo's firsthand account (below), then watch and enjoy.

This was an interlude track on a beat CD from the early 2000s. The track wasn’t finished, but the basic, raw elements were enough for me. I love this joint.

I dug deeply into my unseen video footage to bring you along as Q-Tip took me and Dilla to New York’s world famous The Sound Library in 1999. This was the trip where we picked up Fred Miller’s, “Sounds of Love – A to Zzzz.”

I have finally been reunited with this record thanks to DJ Akalepse. Get a copy and put it on ice. Thx to @nstybrd for additional filming. --Jeedo