Video: John Forté Documentary - Russian Winter [Trailer]

Back when John Forté wrote his first-person testimonial in HuffPo about going away (federal prison) and coming back (recording again) he mentioned that it was really a trip to Moscow that allowed him to get his legs under him and inspired him to launch his non-profit venture Le Castle. He even hinted that there was a documentary on the experience in the works--and now here it is. Read what Mr. Forté had to say about it below and watch the trailer for the film, titled Russian Winter, above.

I think the knee-jerk reaction of coming home was to make a documentary about my life preceding prison, and what took place in prison, leading up to me coming home. But something about it just didn’t feel right. It felt exploitative. You know, I went to prep school. When I came back to the ‘hood, it wasn’t like people slapped me on the back and said, ‘Wow, you got your stripes now.’ But there were so many guys that went for a year, went away for two years, went away for five years. And when they came back, it was almost like they were praised. And that’s the last message I wanted to send. There was nothing cool about my time away.

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