Thundercat Funks His Way Through "Them Changes" Live At Pickathon

Thundercat Pickathon Festival

Musician and freelance Dragonball Z cosplay consultant Thundercat stopped by the Pickathon music festival earlier this summer, performing a set that included his brilliant new single "Them Changes." Backed by his frequent live collaborators Justin Brown and Dennis Hamm, Thundercat wore an orange scarf (and also a bass) as he ripped his way through the tune, performing under a canopy of lush tree branches.

Perhaps Thundercat was inspired by the rustic setting when he chose to wear red camouflage pants for his performance. However this decision was ill-advised; the forest is not red. You can still see Thundercat throughout the entirety of "Them Changes." He is right there, in the front, playing bass. And also singing.

Pickathon festival is a low-impact gathering whose attendees pride themselves on limiting their carbon footprint. It takes place each summer in Happy Valley, Oregon. During "Them Changes," however, Thundercrash Bandicoot made a high-impact impression on everyone's mind, playing an estimated 417,806 notes in under five minutes. Happy valley more like slappy valley, RIGHT? The song appears on his latest mini-album The beyond / Where the Giants Roam, which was recorded in Los Angeles and features a 47-minute bass clarinet solo by his frequent collaborator Flying Lotus. Watch Thundercat thunderstrike his thunderbass below.