The Roots premiere animated video for "Understand"
The Roots premiere animated video for "Understand"

OKP Premiere: The Roots Debut New Animated Short For "Understand" [Official Video]

The Roots premiere animated video for "Understand"

The Roots chop us in the head with the official video for "Understand" the second animated short they've released from the new concept album ...and then you shoot your cousin. Directed by the brilliant Joe Baughman--who also handled the visuals for "When The People Cheer"--the "Understand" video is sort of a Part 2 the Existentialist Boogaloo to that dark claymation adventure. Our story seemingly unfolds in the same factory-world as "WTPC" but this time the space is transformed into a spooky church that mass-produces coffins and communion wine and has a Phantom of the Opera-organ that plays itself. The movie opens with a scary shot of a welder's mask and stars a cut-up Ben Franklin on a fast and furious pine box derby through life.

If you thought you were gonna get a light and breezy webisode for a Roots video, children, the funereal organ vamp and incredibly hard-hitting drums on the track should have warned you; this video invites the Devil in to dance and takes Dice Raw's immortal hook "People ask for God / 'til the day He come / see God face, turn around and run / God sees the face...of a man / shakes his head and says 'Man'll never understand" at its words and dares to looks death (more or less) in the face. People of clay, prepare to meet your maker. I mean welder. The real questions with this song and the animated art it inspired is this: can you handle the truth? Watch below to learn the answer and hit the links to cop ...and then you shoot your cousin (dropping this coming Monday, May 19th)

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Creator:Joe Baughman

Assistant Director: Andrew DeSelm

Assistant Animator/Gaffer: Jason North

Assistant Animator: Matthew Erdel

Special Thanks: Dave Vermillion, Kendra of Window Wonderland (stained glass), Tim S. Johnson, Kyle Heffelfinger