The Roots One Music Festival Victoria Ford
Photo by Victoria Ford/Sneakshot Photography

The Roots Gun For Ears And Tastebuds w/ New Song "Bittersweet"

The Roots One Music Festival Victoria Ford

Back with their first joint(s) since the NBA Playoffs anthem "Champion,"The Roots crew have just delivered a double-sided treat that pleases the ear and tastebud with equal force.

As a one-off (or in this case, a rare two-off) The Roots return today with "Bittersweet," a pair of mixes for the same track, meant to accompany a crisp glass of Stella Artois, tapping into the science that links oral and audible stimulation. Side A is meant for those with a candied palette, while the alternate side lends itself to those with a proclivity for bite and bitterness. As far as the two mixes are concerned, Side A boasts a smooth and funky touch, while the latter is more of a hat-tip to NOLA's second line tradition. Less Meters, more Soul Rebels.

And while the release is pegged to a new campaign with the beer giant, it's always a gooddayinthemorning when new sounds arrive from our beloved Roots. Hear both mixes down below and if you happen to be in the DMV this weekend, catch them live and direct, sharing a stage with Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Janelle Monae and more at the Summer Spirit Festival.