The Bakery Boys A3C Recap Pt. 1

The Bakery Boys Go Mobbing At A3C (Pt. 1)

by karaslamb
October 24, 2014 6:45 PM

The Bakery Boys Return With The First Of Their A3C Recap Series From Sight-Beyond-Sound For #BAKEBOYFRIEDAYS.

The Bakery Boys return to do a little mobbing in the first installment of their A3C recap directed by Austin Horton for Sight-Beyond-Sound. The clip is the latest #BAKEBOYFRIEDAYS release to land and follows the crew’s live performance at the Best Block Party Ever. A visual continuation of Location: A Baked Documentary, the video gives fans their first taste of the #BAKEDLIFE takeover at the A3C Hip Hop Festival in Atlanta, where the crew rocked amongst a laundry list of hip-hop legends. Half hijinks and half late-night hang, the footage plays like the calm before the storm as the crew preps to serve up a closer look at their epic festival performance. Check the footage below to watch part one of the A3C recap. Stay tuned for more from The Bakery Boys.

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