Snoop Dogg & DāM-FunK Mark The Return Of G-Funk With “Faden Away”

Karas Lamb Karas Lamb writes and digs for tunes you haven’t heard…


Snoop Dogg and DāM-FunK do not disappoint with the arrival of “Faden Away” – the latest from their highly-anticipated collaboration that proves without a doubt that G-Funk is indeed alive and well. The duo have joined forces under the 7 Days Of Funk moniker to deliver a taste of what they’ve got up their sleeves. The track from Stones Throw is the first bit of heat to surface from the collaborative project that has had fans salivating since rumors began circulating that the pair were indeed working together some months ago. Combining the talents of a Cali hip-hop icon with the sounds of G-Funk’s resident boogie revivalist could create a masterpiece that sends the classic west coast sound cruising back to the fore. Check the track below to listen to “Faden Away” from 7 Days Of Funk. Stay tuned for more.

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