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Sir Michael Rocks Goes Full Anime w/ New Vid "In My Mode"

Sir Michael Rocks

To be honest, Anime has never really been my thing (I had a brief, confusing stint with Inuyasha, but that’s another story), but I can appreciate Sir Michael Rocks’ dedication to the theme in his new video. During a month-long stay in Japan, The Chicago emcee shot this very dope visual for “In My Mode,” which is laced with anime references from start to finish. For the anime novices (like myself), Sir Michael Rocks breaks it down:

In the opening scenes when those two doors open with yin yang signs and then the cave with the greet water, that’s a reference to Fullmetal Alchemist.

The dark time-lapse shots also take influence from One Punch Man and Kill la Kill, while the closing fight scene references storylines from Dragon Ball Z and Akame Ga Kill. All of this couldn’t possibly be more over my head, but umm the video and song are both dope, so check them below. Video directed by PAS. Sir Michael Rocks’ Popular EP is out now.

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