Shaolin Jazz - "Love & Heat"

Shaolin Jazz - "Love & Heat"

Shaolin Jazz Returns From The 37th Chamber With The New Single "Love & Heat" From Their Forthcoming 'Byrd Over Staten' Donald Byrd Tribute EP.

Shaolin Jazz returns from the 37th chamber with the new single “Love & Heat” – the first from their forthcoming Byrd Over Staten Donald Byrd tribute EP. A roundabout follow-up to their 2011 Gil Scott Heron tribute EP, the impending release combines iconic tunes from Byrd’s catalog with lyrics from the Wu-Tang Clan. “Love & Heat” is a great opener to this tribute series, with an uptempo pace and a sickening groove built to get the poppers and breakers out onto the floor. Pairing the production with blinding tag team verses from Ghostface Killah and Busta Rhymes, Shaolin Jazz delivers a rock solid joint primed to mash up di place. Check the track below to listen to “Love & Heat.” Get more on the Byrd Over Staten EP via shaolinjazz.com.

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