Sango Remixes Slum Village's 'Climax'

Sango Remixes Slum Village x J Dilla's "Climax"

by karaslamb
March 27, 2013 11:34 AM


Sango flips the Slum Village classic “Climax” – the sub-heavy sex anthem from the group’s breakout album Fantastic Vol. 2 produced by the legendary J Dilla. Sango did the remix as a dedication to Baatin and Dilla, both of whom passed unexpectedly to the tune of a profound sadness that rippled across the hip-hop community in 2009 and 2006 respectively. While vocals are absent from the remix it should be noted that “Climax” is a track as memorable for Baatin’s verse as it is for the timeless production. Sango preserves the essence of Dilla’s approach by layering the bulbous ethereal melody anchoring the track between an ascending chorus of synths and sounds found within the original. What he comes up with is essentially a jigsaw of dope bits that rise and fall successively in a trippy kaleidoscopic arrangement that breathes new life into the classic. Take a listen.

Spotted at BLS

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