Saba - "TimeZone”/“Whip (areyoudown?)" [Official Video]
Saba - "TimeZone”/“Whip (areyoudown?)" [Official Video]

Watch Saba's 'Food & Liquor'- Inspired Visuals For "TimeZone" & "Whip (areyoudown?)"

Saba - "TimeZone\u201d/\u201cWhip (areyoudown?)" [Official Video]

It's been a pleasure seeing and hearing Saba come into his own over the last few years. And though a recent appearance with Chance The Rapper on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert is the likely catalyst for his recent close-up, the Chicago do-it-all's journey truly began with the 2014 mixtape ComfortZone, where he roped some The Chi's brightest talents for a stud 14-track outing, featuring Eryn Allen Kane, M&O's Jamila, MC Tree and plenty of other hometown homies.

It all equals in industry buzz.

But today he's putting one up for another Chicago native, tipping his hat to Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor in an astrally-fortified visual for the ComfortZone standouts "TimeZone" and "Whip (areyoudown?)," which borrow the full-float schemes of Lupe's debut cover and fit them to a pair of wavy wonders that will surely get caught between your ears.

You can watch Saba's Food & Liquor-inspired visual for “TimeZone”/“Whip (areyoudown?)" below, but if you're looking to catch the kid live and direct, we implore you to plan a weekend trip to The Windy City and peep his show at The Abbey next Saturday, November 21st.

And for a proper introduction, grab a copy of his ComfortZone mixtape for free.