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Roots Picnic 2014 Through The Lens of Mel D. Cole [Photo Gallery]

Roots Picnic 2014 Through The Lens of Mel D. Cole [Photo Gallery]

Roots Picnic 2014: Snoop Dogg onstage with The Roots (photographed by Mel D. Cole)

You already know Roots Picnic 2014 was a monster. You already know Mel D. Cole is a photographic beast. Mix the two together and add water (preferably sprayed on the crowd from A$AP Ferg‘s poland spring bottle as he traps the F out onstage to “Shabba Ranks”) and voila: instant icons. If you weren’t there in person to see Snoop Doog and Doug E. Fresh join The Roots onstage to create rap history with their all-star rendition of “Lodi Dodi”–Janelle Monae and Deep Cotton showing modern day performers how it’s done–or to see Action Bronson take his set to the people…then then the top of the beer truck…and then the icee truck…now you can relive Saturday’s magicest moments just like you had grand-rays to tell about it. Click through the gallery above and stay tuned for our OKP TV video coverage–coming soon! Meanwhile if you were there (or just want to remember the magic) this may be your last chance to grab an official Roots Picnic 2014 t- shirt and/or limited (very, very limited) edition poster. Hit the links below to cop:

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