RBMA's 'Diggin' In The Carts' Celebrates The Arrival Of 16-Bit Sound In Episode 3

Celebrate The Arrival Of 16-Bit Consoles w/ Episode 3 Of RBMA's 'Diggin' In The Carts'

RBMA's 'Diggin' In The Carts' Celebrates The Arrival Of 16-Bit Sound In Episode 3

RBMA‘s Diggin’ In The Carts doc series has been schooling us all on the wild and wonderful world of video game music and the proliferation of 8-bit sound for a few weeks now. Today’s episode finally makes the jump to the 16-bit consoles, where those electronic dreamscapes broadened exponentially both graphically and sonically. Nowhere is that more apparent then the arcade consoles taking hold of what must have seemed like every other store in Japan and abroad. But if you ask anyone who was jamming their coins down the shoots, there was but one undeniable ruler of the ring; Street Fighter 2.

The third installment of the series digs deep into the sonic origins of some of your favorite character’s themes, giving you personal accounts of how those button-smashing scores influenced some of the brightest minds in the electronic music sphere. Watch as Thundercat, Flying Lotus, Oh No and more gush on their favorite SF2 memories in the latest episode of Red Bull Music Academy’s Diggin’ In The Carts below to find out exactly how monumental of a jump the 16-bit generation really was in the gamer-verse and the musical accompaniments we’ve all grown to cherish over the years.

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