Someone Paid $161,000 for R. Kelly's Back Child Support
Someone Paid $161,000 for R. Kelly's Back Child Support
Source: CBS/Youtube

Woman Who Says R. Kelly Sexually Abused Her Wins Lawsuit After Singer Fails To Appear In Court

Someone Paid $161,000 for R. Kelly's Back Child Support Source: CBS/Youtube

A hearing is schedule to take place month where a judge will decide how much the R&B singer has to pay.

A woman who says R. Kelly sexually abused her when she was a teenager has won a civil lawsuit by default after the R&B singer failed to show up to court.

The woman filed the suit in February and alleged that Kelly had repeated sexual contact with her that began in June 1998 when she was just 16, according to the Chicago Tribune. Kelly had been served a court summons but didn't file an appearance.

With him failing to appear at Cook County Circuit Court to respond to the allegations (Brian Nix, Kelly's civil litigation attorney, reportedly failed to attend the hearing too), the woman's attorneys requested to enter judgment against Kelly, which the judge, Moira Johnson, granted.

"Robert Sylvester Kelly has failed and refused to file an appearance or answer to the Complaint even though [he is] required to do so," attorneys for the woman wrote in their request for default judgment that was filed earlier this month.

In a separate report from the Chicago Sun-Times, the woman is seeking more than $50,000 damages.

Per the Sun-Times:

...the woman alleges she met Kelly on May 26, 1998 as she walked down a street in Chicago. Kelly saw her, pulled his car over and talked to her, the suit states.

Later that day, an associate of Kelly’s met with her and her family at a restaurant and gave Kelly’s phone number to the girl. The associate "indicated that the defendant wanted to speak with the minor plaintiff and have her come to his studio and be in a video that he was making," the suit states.

The plaintiff was "star struck and wanted to meet with defendant to pursue a role in what she believed was a music video," the suit states. The sexual abuse started within a month, the complaint alleges.

"Commencing in or about June 1998 and thereafter until she was of the age of majority, defendant, Robert Sylvester Kelly, sexually abused plaintiff," the suit states. "Specifically, defendant, Robert Sylvester Kelly, had sexual intercourse with the minor plaintiff. The defendant also engaged in oral sex with the minor plaintiff. During these repeated incidents, defendant represented to the minor plaintiff that this behavior was appropriate."

Another hearing in regards to the suit will take place next month, where Johnson will hear the alleged abuse that the woman faced from Kelly before deciding how much the singer needs to pay.

Kelly faces 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse involving four separate alleged victims, three of whom were underage at the time.

Source: Chicago Tribune