Prince sent Janelle Monáe a Singing Telegram

Prince Sends Janelle Monáe A Singing Telegram

by Eddie "STATS"
September 11, 2013 4:22 PM

Prince sends a singing telegram of "Kiss" to Janelle Monae-wide

In their webisode following Janelle Monáe through the run up to the release of her new album The Electric Lady, (it dropped today, by the way) Puffy’s new outlet Revolt TV captured a rare moment that has got Prince fans all abuzz about the two artists’ synergy (as reported earlier Prince features on Janelle’s new LP prominently, making a cameo on the track “Givin’ ‘Em What They Love.” ) In one of the extravagant (and yet mysterious) gestures of friendship he has become known for, The purple one apparently sent a singing telegram to Janelle’s dressing room, rewriting his own song “Kiss” into a sort of Valentine’s card for her, half love note, half plug for his fans to buy the new record.

You don’t need to be Janelle to be electric / You just need to keep your dignity when things get hectic / You don’t need experience to get some clout / You don’t need friends like Prince to show you what it’s all about /You don’t have to be rich to be Monáe / You don’t have to be a witch with a broom of hay /Ain’t no particular rhyme that you need to say / I just need a copy of Janelle’s….Electric Ladayyy

The rest of 4 minute video is of course extremely watchable, too–because it’s mostly Monáe, of course; talking, performing and generally being her electric self. Watch the full thing below (Prince’s invisible cameo happens at just about 2 minutes in) and, of course, purchase The Electric Lady (via iTunes)!

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